A sustainable partnership in energy

A sustainable partnership in energy

Schneider Electric is a global energy management company that creates products and services to support sustainable energy use.

The company has a long history of philanthropic activity and community engagement and in 2018 began its partnership with the Brotherhood.

Tam Johnston, Schneider Electric Pacific Foundation and Community Lead, says there is strong alignment between the company and the work of our Energy, Equity and Climate Change team.

“We believe that access to energy is a human right, and we support the Brotherhood because we believe in the program of work. We have a shared commitment to the idea that people should be able to access the energy they need to thrive. They should be able to do that in a way that is in the best interests of our planet.”

Two key areas of activity are piloting an initiative to assist low-income households, particularly renters, to reduce energy poverty by installing rooftop solar panels; and helping the Brotherhood to reduce its energy bills and organisational carbon footprint. Damian Sullivan, Senior Manager, Energy, Equity and Climate Change says, “Schneider Electric’s
commitment to working with us to reduce energy poverty in Australia has provided us with the resources to develop a new pilot study focussed on reducing energy poverty by assisting low-income renters to access rooftop solar. We’re looking forward to delivering on this project and expanding our engagement with Schneider Electric in other ways.”

The Brotherhood works to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on people facing disadvantage in Victoria by coordinating research, and energy efficiency and retrofitting projects.

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